Design Management Highlights: PitchBook

My Work

PitchBook is one of the leading financial data platforms in the world and their customers shape the global economy through investments and acquisitons. I approached my work as the UX Manager through the following lenses:


I helped lead a couple of key initiatives that have a large impact on PitchBook. One relates to a partnership we recently announced with RSRCHX to provide a library of financial industry research to our customers, which is one of their biggest requests. The other centers around an initiative to take over a large third-party data set and integrate it into the platform. My designers were involved in every step of the way with both efforts.

The work I did at PitchBook continues to shape my approach and philosophy as a Product Design leader.

My Approach

Situational Leadership
I supported my team by leading with empathy and adjusting my management style to fit their needs. I managed people, not job titles.

Systems Thinking
Lead designers to consider how their work impacted the entire PitchBook ecosystem, our customers, and our business goals.

Design Culture
Building out design culture is something I love to do. At PitchBook I redesigned many of the key processes impacting designers' day-to-day work and happiness. These efforts included:

  • Updating our hiring process.
  • Redesigning our on-boarding process to bring structure to the first 90 days of employment.
  • Changing the way design critiques run so that they focus more on the problems being solved and less on personal preferences.
  • Mentoring designers' career aspirations.
  • Teaching my teammates to challenge their thinking.
  • Spearheading the effort to create a design system.

Sample Projects

In addition to Emerging Spaces, I also oversaw the following