Case Study: Create Offer


I updated TUNE's HasOffers signature workflow w, Create Offer, and collaborated with product management, engineering, and other stakeholders to bring my designs to life as part of a quick turn around beta program highlighting the future direction of the platform. My work touched on all elements of the process: from unearthing qualitative and quantitative data, to hi-fi and lo-fi design, to usability testing, to helping lead the project team.

Product Background

HasOffers is the backbone of TUNE and the leading performance marketing platform, servicing over 30,000,000,000 clicks per day. Many successful companies use it as the heart and nervous systems of their businesses. They distribute offers (ads) for advertisers to a network of affiliates that will run them. HasOffers is used to disseminate and track them.


The main thing we learned was while we were successful deploying an updated version of Create Offer showcasing improved usability and functionality, we discovered that there was no reason for the bulk of our customers to use it. They were not going to disrupt their current workflows to try something out that wasn't fully integrated into HasOffers