Design Management Case Study: Emerging Spaces

Investors are constantly on the hunt for companies to invest in or to acquire. In order to do so though it requires a lot of research that combines number crunching, newsgathering, and combing social media for trends. At PitchBook we constantly keep an eye on these things via a combination of AI and human-based investigation. We knew that we could use our data to show our customers investment areas on the rise in a way that leads to that aha moment.

The business challenge we were trying to solve: our customers tend to use PitchBook reactively. They conduct research elsewhere and then come to us to find the data. The goal of this project was to get them to use PitchBook as an investigative tool, not just the place to crunch the numbers.

As the UX Manager on this project, I empowered and guided my team through the process of identifying what we should focus on, why our customers needed these insights, and how they might appear within PitchBook. I was involved all along the way from concept to launch.

Time will tell how well Emerging Spaces is performing for us, but if a recent customer comment that it's, "hella lit", is any indication, we're off to a pretty good start.