Case Study: Spotfire Metrics for Mobile Devices

When TIBCO acquired Redmond based Extended Results I was involved in reviewing their mobile product, PushBI, during the acquisition phase and lead the effort to improve its usability and design after we acquired them. Now called Spotfire Metrics, it is used to monitor performance. Given that our users don't spend their entire days inside our apps we aimed to simplify things and keep their attention focused on what matters to them—the pulse and performance of their businesses.

What follows outlines the path from an initial heuristics evaluation through the 1.0 version of the apps launched in both iTunes and GooglePlay utilizing the new designs I spearheaded. My iPad designs were used as the baseline and I also created the Android version. TIBCO pivoted away from the project in 2015, but took the work done on the KPI tiles and included them as a new chart type in their core data visualization platform, Spotfire.

Specifically, my role on this project involved the following tasks:

  • Guerilla usability testing
  • Heuristics evaluation
  • Leading brainstorming sessions
  • Organizing the information architecture
  • Defining the app's mission statement
  • Interaction design
  • Art direction
  • Contractor management

Note: since this app is no longer available I am including a link showcasing how my design work was incorporated into Spotfire, TIBCO's primary data visualization tool.